My name is Britt-Marie but my friends call me Bimban.
I live together with my partner Håkan and our 2 cats.
We have no children so our cats are pretty spoiled as “deputy” children.
I´m 54 and Håkan is 48 years old. A very pleasant age, I think.
Håkan and I have our
cats and the archipelago with fishing and casinos as
our biggest interests.We also have an allotment garden in the
middle of our town.A little oasis without electricity about 15 minutes
by bike from home.Håkan grows vegetables and I take care of
our little garden. It´s so cozy!
I also have a little odd interest, I play video games. Adventure games
on Super Nintendo. It´s so exciting and I can play for ours with
a game like Zelda. Lots of problems to solve and good training for my brain.
Other interests of mine is crochet and embrodery. There is less time for
that nowadyas since the computer takes most of my time. It´s so fun.
That was a little about me, please take your time to sign my Guestbook